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for IT decisions

Live Optics is free, online software you can use to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads.

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Gathering workload characteristics and performance detail is a Big Data problem that most IT departments avoid due to complexity or resources. This often results in overdesign, overspend, and frustration in a support, expansion or purchasing cycle. Live Optics puts this information at your fingertips and is open to any end user at no cost or obligation.

How It Works

Gather and document Gather and document complex workload data
Reporting View insights or scenarios of combined workloads
Community Safely share with others to help you make decisions

What You Get

Secure Secure cloud storage of project details
Share Workload monitoring with visualization of projects
Control Control your level of privacy and share projects with peers

Live Optics is an effort to promote transparency around workload need so that buyers and suppliers of IT can simplify discovery and have a mutual understanding of project requirements.

as an IT Admin


Server and Virtualization

Live inventory and performance insight of hosts and VMs regardless of platform or vendor


Rapid characterization of storage growth, files types, and predictive potential for archive, compression, or deduplication


Detailed break down at the hardware appliance level of configuration and performance

Data Protection

Insight to platform specific backup and protection cycles as well as the capacity being protected